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I'm a User experience designer with a multidisciplinary background pairing consumer empathy, tech savviness and business acumen. My passion for good design can be traced back to my childhood. I grew up practicing creative problem solving and resourcefulness with a growth mindset.

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UX & Strategy...

Navigating the world of colour

From amateurs to professionals, the NCS+ app is for those who appreciate working with the 'right' colour. Connected to a colour reader device, the app facilitates color communication through precision in colour information and by sharing knowledge and inspiration. 

UX Managemennt & Strategy | Stakeholder collaboration | Agile product development |User research | Strategy to concept | UI design 

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Motivating gig economy partners

Ali wants to use his handyman skills to earn extra money. The TASKRUNNER app connects him with people who need help with small tasks, but he doesn't feel inspired to use it much. How might we motivate him?

User research | Interviews | UX strategy | Strategy to concept | UI design | Prototyping | Collaboration with stakeholders & multi-disciplinary teams.

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Physical experience to attract new talent 

Ikea is looking to attract new talent. They need a physical experience in the form of a career fair booth, that is aligned with their positioning as an employer.

Service design | User research | Communication strategy | Strategy to concept | Experience design | Prototyping

Exploring UI design

To enhance my UI and visual design skills, I designed interfaces using the briefs from 'Daily UI' challenge.

UI design | Visual design

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Website design for new market and service

Manish lives abroad and is looking for a trusted homeopathic doctor in India. He wants his consultation process to be simple and smooth. How can we attract, engage him, and simplify his consultation process?       

User research | Interviews | UX strategy | Strategy to concept | UI design | Prototyping | Collaboration with stakeholders.


Optimizing day-to-day experiences 

As an ex-student of HYPER ISLAND, I took it upon myself to optimize how students and staff interact - with each other, with the space and its facilities. Solution: An app to assist in daily tasks, provide information, and help build a culture.

User research | Interviews | UX strategy | Strategy to concept | UI design | Prototyping | Collaboration with stakeholders & developers

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Designing brand strategy & identity 

A newly formed company that upcycles food waste approached us to come up with the brand name, design their brand strategy and visual identity. 

Brand strategy | Visual identity

Physical product design...




Growing up in New Delhi, India, I loved creating beautiful designs from whatever materials I could use. With a passion for continuous development, I grew up to study product design exploring many materials and techniques. I created many best-selling and award-winning products for global users while spearheading the entire product lifecycle.


I loved being hands-on with my work but craved a deeper understanding of the users. This curiosity led me to user experience design where I enjoyed understanding user needs, converting my insights to strategies and leading my concepts to engaging interfaces. I also realized the value of teams and self-leadership. 

With my can-do attitude and my breadth of experience, knowledge, and skills, I now combine physical and digital product design to create unique experiences.

How else do I express my creativity and passion? I'm a handmade soap crafter. Using design thinking methodology I research, experiment, prototype, and test different products and ingredients to create the right soap recipes for a small target audience.




Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46-734946711

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